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At 917 Solutions, we provide businesses with the most reliable and efficient IT solutions locally. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing you with quality service that will help you get the most out of your technology. We are a team of doers and fixers that enjoy solving problems.

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Our Process Details

In the ‘Discovery’ phase, we kick-start your project by diving deep into your unique environment to uncover your specific goals and vision of success. We understand that every environment is different, and our mission is to translate your objectives into actionable steps that drive your organization
Discovery objectives are translated into a Statement of Work with in-scope and out-of-scope objectives outlined. We prepare to kick-off our project and gain access to your tenant/environment and validate access to systems necessary to perform our tasks. In some cases, we may shoulder surf with your team and provide them with the picks/clicks necessary to perform tasks.
Any initial staging of the environment and data collection will be performed within this phase. Workflow and Design items translated from the discovery process are iteratively improved upon with feedback from your team. After a final review session, we get approval to move into the building phase.
[Insert keyboard and mice clicking sound] That’s pretty much it, based on the Design requirements, we get to work on building your solution around the timeframes identified to reduce operational impact to your business.
Preparation of change management activities documented from test-case and passed along to your team in scenarios where there is operation-wide change management occurring. New to you? Everyday Ops for us.
Proof of Concept or deployment via a batch of Pilot Users in the environment to weed out any items that have not been discovered by the original test control group. Iterative feedback to build and configure the environment and ensure that both parties are aligned and we are delivering our end goal.
All systems are go as we greenlight the deployment of the items that have been thoroughly designed and tested for your environment
The name of the phase is KTLO or Keeping the Lights On. Now that you have your project delivered, we’re almost finished. At this juncture, we provide knowledge transfer and documentation for the environment/configuration that was delivered so your team can take over and feel confident in their ability to maintain the environment moving forward.

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Managed Services Provider

Streamline Your Technology with a Trusted Managed Services Provider - Free Up Time for What Matters Most

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Microsoft 365 Consulting

Get Microsoft 365 Expertise from a Microsoft Partner - Office 365, Azure, Intune, Security & Compliance, Purview, and PowerPlatform Consulting

Managed IT Consulting

Ensure Informed IT Decisions with Expert IT Strategy Consulting - Avoid Costly Investments with a Holistic Approach

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